What would you like to do?


Every year, I have a limited number of spots to work face-to-face with new and experienced writers helping them create a clear direction for their writing, start books and find more confidence and satisfaction in their writing lives. If you’re looking for direct mentoring from me, I look forward to hearing more about you and your writing.

Navigate Your Writing Roadmap.

The top reason people don’t reach their writing goals? Because they don’t know what they want. With my support, you’ll create a writing roadmap, define your goals and then make them happen. You’ll be amazed how quickly you reach your destination when you have a map.

Finally! Start & Organize Your Book

You have an idea for a book, maybe you’ve written some pages or character sketches, but you keep getting stuck. We’ll work together so you know what your book is about, understand your themes and create a solid structure to keep you writing until you finish.

My Annual Writing Mentorship Program

It’s not easy finding guidance and opportunities to write, publish and further your career. If you don’t have the time, money or access, this is for you. If you’ve found yourself blocked because of your race or gender or any aspect of your identity, this is for you. I designed this writing exchange for you to find resources in a safe and supportive space.

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Join My Exclusive Writing Community

The Workshop is a tight-knit, supportive group of people who want to build writing skills, develop connections and learn to be paid for their words. You can’t avoid rejection and doubt when you’re a writer, but having a place to go when you need support and answers sure makes the road easier.


Creative Revolution International Book Writing Retreats

Join me and a group of fabulous other writers for a week of self-care, relaxation and full-on writing. These all-inclusive retreats offer you the time and space to focus on you, yourself and your writing. BONUS: You return to the real world with pages written, a plan for your book and continued community support so you can finish your masterpiece.