Are you ready to change your life and write your dreams?

I fell in love with San Juan del Sur the moment I arrived and saw the beach. So calm and peaceful! And the Mango Rosa resort? Gorgeous! Even better than what I imagined! Huge bungalows with bright red wildflowers decorating white bed linens. Rock paths lead from pool to hammock ranch to the soft grassy area where we practiced yoga every morning. There’s even a trampoline. And hula hoops.  And butterflies fluttering everywhere.

Then one by one, the women who joined the retreat arrived. From Toronto, from small town Alaska, Texas, Costa Rica and from everywhere else. We converged at Mango Rosa to tell stories. Our stories.

That’s where the first workshop of every retreat begins. 
What is your story?

And you! I know you have doubts about your writing. But I also know you have an amazing story to tell.

I know we’re not supposed to say this, but yes, writing is pain.

You know what I mean. You have an absolutely gorgeous idea for a story in your head. You know what you want to say, and if you could just get it down on paper, it would be perfect.

Therein lies the rub. You have to write it down.

That’s when things get messy. Your sentences don’t flow as easily as they do when you’re thinking. Your ideas contradict and the clear vision you created dissipates. Then you start wondering if maybe you just weren’t meant to write at all.

A Creative Revolution Retreat will help you get past all that!

Now, I am absolutely thrilled to announce the dates of the next Creative Revolution Retreat!

It takes place July 8-15, 2017 at the Mango Rosa resort in San Juan del Sur Nicaragua. I have space for twelve talented, wonderful women.

Are you ready to join me in Nicaragua?

Book a free call with me now, and we’ll talk more about how this retreat will help you get past all those pesky doubts and get you well on the way to writing your book!

What’s it about? What happened at the last retreat? What will you accomplish at a Creative Revolution Retreat?

My specialty is helping you get over your fears and doubts so you can finally write that book you’ve always wanted to write.

Book a complimentary time with me now to chat about the retreat!

Would you like to know what women have accomplished at past retreats?

  • One woman resurrected a novel she’d given up because someone told her it wasn’t socially relevant. She not only revived her novel but started a memoir!
  • Another woman arrived at the retreat unsure if she really had the chops to write a book She had a couple ideas but wasn’t sure where to start. During the retreat, she honed in on one idea, developed it and even wrote the first three chapters of the book. Now, she knows without a doubt that she is a writer and absolutely can write a book.
  • Yet another woman brought pieces of a memoir about growing up in Cuba and moving the United States. She just finished her first solid draft and is now closer to finishing than she ever imagined.

May I remind you, I only met these women in July! Look how far they’ve come with their writing.

And you can too!

What will you accomplish at a Creative Revolution Retreat?

  • You’ll stop doubting yourself and trust yourself and your story.
  • You’ll create a schedule where writing is a priority
  • You’ll develop editing and writing skills that break down the overwhelming process of writing a book into manageable pieces.
  • Find an amazingly supportive group of writers who will hold you accountable to your work.
  • You’ll relax a little. Get a massage. Dip your toes in the sand at the beach.
Why not book a free call with me to chat about you, this fabulous book you’re going to write and how a Creative Revolution Retreat is going to help you do it?

But first, you also want to know what the retreat includes?

* Six days in a private resort with 12 creative women!
* Daily writing workshops. I have 20+ years of teaching under my belt, so these workshops are definitely intensive! We’ll dive deep into all areas of the writing process! Feel confident in your writing, craft an amazing story, and continue your writing flow even when life gets in the way!
* One on One time! – I’ll work with you (and only you!) to give feedback on your work, answer questions from the workshops, and help you craft a writing plan!
* Plenty of Writing Time each day! You’re here to write, right?
* Daily Yoga and Meditation. Each morning we’ll start our day with either yoga, a guided meditation (in a hammock if you’d like) or both!
* Luxurious Tropical Massage. Best part, the masseuse comes right to your room.
* Delicious Meals. You can’t write on an empty stomach! All your meals will be provided by an onsite, open air restaurant.
* Work with Amazing Women Writers. My aim is to build a community that’s safe, supportive, and inspiring. I work hard to make sure our group dynamic is on fire and continues long after the retreat!
* Adventurous Excursion to town or on a boat trip to a private beach with white sand!

How do you sign up for this retreat?

Choose a time on my online schedule at no cost to you, and we’ll spend fifteen minutes chatting. We’ll talk about you, your writing dreams and get you started on your path to writing that book!

There’s a reason the tagline for this retreat is “Change your life and write your dreams!” And it all starts with you and me and twelve other amazing women in Nicaragua!