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Ilana Gordon

Professional comedian

"I'm so lucky I got the chance to work with Leigh. At the beginning, I felt completely overwhelmed and underqualified to write a book. One hour later, I felt completely revitalized and confident in my own abilities. Leigh's exercises and unique perspective will force you to confront your work (and your weaknesses), head-on, and I can't recommend working with her enough."

Abby Mood

Roots Rated Managing Editor

"In my time working with Leigh, I found her knowledge and support to be invaluable. She helped me set goals that pushed my boundaries, yet felt reasonable. I met every single one of my goals, whether that was income, pitching, or writing. She is positive and supportive and was always there to give me a boost if I started to feel discouraged. I recommend Leigh to other writers all the time—she's an amazing coach!"